Digital Finance Transformation

Bespoke finance tech stacks for cleverly connected systems and processes.

Perfect for startups and media agencies suffering from any of the following:

Inefficient, fragmented or non-existent systems and processes.

Limited financial controls (including approval flows, spending policies and liquidity management)

Excessive amounts of time spent pulling together information from various sources, reducing the quality and breadth of financial insights

Lacking a single source of truth for any key financial info.

Financial Processes

Using a Discover > Design > Test > Implement > Run approach, you'll get a scalable, cleverly connected tech stack tailored to your needs, saving time and money and providing the efficiencies, control and intelligence your business deserves.

Always working with popular and emerging software and tools!

New to market products are constantly being tested to add to Fintoca's portfolio of possibilities.

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and many more....

Financial Planning & Analysis

Whether it’s building from scratch, or enhancing what already exists, dynamic financial planning & analysis (FP&A) is essential for understanding business performance, looking ahead, supporting decision making and reporting up to Shareholders and investors. Here are some examples of the FP&A reporting processes that can be introduce or improved.

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Fintoca Financial Results services
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Business As Usual

For startups and media agencies needing flexible finance resources to support their BAU needs. End to end finance function support, where and when you need it.

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